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You may get in contact with us by using the form below to send an email, (preferred method), or you can telephone us between 9am and 5.30pm on 07531 257853:

Please state the following to enable an accurate quote to be given:

1. Date and time of wedding.

2. Location of departure, House/Hotel (postcode will suffice for quote).

3. Location of ceremony, Church/Hotel (name and postcode will suffice for quote).

4. Location of reception (name and postcode will suffice for quote).

5. Number of journeys required (if bridesmaids etc. also require transport from the departure location to ceremony venue).

6. Number of passengers for each journey. (only a maximum of 5 in the rear of the limousine, per journey).

7.  Please can you add a contact number in case my email with my quote sent back to you is blocked.  

( I have had a couple of requests for quotes blocked, because the applicant has sent their email from a large organisation which appears to block non company emails.  This then looks like I cannot be bothered to reply, which is certainly not the case). 

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