Once you decide on your choice of wedding car this is only the beginning. You might love the look of a classic Rolls-Royce wedding car but there will be a million and one questions running through your head after you make a booking, such as who rides in what car, when does each car need to be at the church, and what do you need to decide after you have picked the cars for your very special day?

As a leading provider of vintage wedding cars in Warwickshire, Celestial Cars are here to answer any questions you might have. That being the case, here we outline the traditional etiquette pertaining to wedding transportation.

Who travels in what car?

If you are following traditional values there is a set standard for who travels in what car. Normally the groom and the best man will travel in one car, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride will travel in another car, and most importantly, the bride and her father will travel in the main wedding car to the ceremony.

In what order do the wedding cars arrive?

By tradition, there is a general rule of thumb for most wedding ceremonies.  It is usual for the ushers to arrive first so they are ready to welcome the guests at your wedding. Next, the guests start to arrive and assemble at the wedding ceremony venue. After this, the groom and the best man will arrive, quite often, they will do so in a wedding car hire. The bridesmaids and the mother of the bride are next to arrive, commonly travelling by wedding car. Finally, the main star of the wedding arrives, as the bride and her father draw up to the church, registry office or location of the wedding. Following the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom head off to the wedding reception where they will greet the bridal party first, followed by the guests.

What should I consider when choosing wedding cars?

Apart from the make, style, and model of the main wedding car, consider if you want to provide additional transport for the groom and the best man, the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride. Our traditional Rolls-Royce wedding car at Celestial Cars is capable of carrying up to five passengers should you wish. This could be used to transport your bridesmaids to a local church, then return to collect the bride and her father afterward.      

If you want to discuss wedding car etiquette in greater detail, or simply want to book a vintage wedding car for a wedding in Warwickshire, we would love to hear from you here at Celestial Cars. All you have to do is contact us with your enquiry or get in touch with us by phone by calling 07531 257853 to arrange a booking.    

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    The car was gorgeous, thank you for your expertise on the day, and the lovely way you dealt with all of us. Sorry for the delay in sending this but we have only just got back off honeymoon.
    Emma & Nick, Stoneleigh Abbey

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